Tray seal knives

Our tray knives are the perfect solution for the packaging industry! With them, you can cut out the final contour of your packaging with precision. We supply form knives, tray knives and cup sealing knives that are used in packaging and food applications. Our knives are used on cup and tray sealing equipment. These knives are formed to specific shapes and sizes for your individual products and needs.

At our company, we offer toothed cutting knives (form cutters), for all types of thermoforming/tray sealer/vacuum forming packaging machines.  We supply a wide selection of aftermarket parts for tray sealers/thermoforming machines from Sealpac, Ishida, VC999, Mondini, Reepack, Proseal, ULMA, and Multivac. We provide both standard and custom sizes and manufacture precision knives for all types of industries. For the material selection of the cutting knives, we offer the possibility of producing hardened versions up to 58 HRC. See for yourself the quality of our products!

Tray seal knives
Formschneidmesser - kreismesser

Formed knives

Our tray sealing blades, tray sealing knives, form sealer knives, and tray forming blades are used in packaging, food, paper, plastic film applications. During the sealing process, the heating element lowers and seals the film onto the tray. Then, the tray knife lowers and cuts off excess film. To ensure a strong seal and precise cutting, our tray knives are very sharp. You can count on us for our exceptional quality, on-time delivery performance and competitive prices.

Our tray knives are available in various shapes, sizes, and tooth configurations. If you provide us with a sample knife and additional information about your application or current issues, we will take care of the rest. 

Are you in need of a sharp tray knife?

When using our tray knife, you can be assured that all excess film will be cut precisely.