Forming inserts

Forming inserts are essential components used in tray sealing and thermoforming machines to create custom-designed packaging. These inserts are designed to fit precisely into the machine and are responsible for shaping the packaging material to form the desired product shape. Forming inserts are made of aluminum, and their design and manufacturing are critical to ensure optimal performance and efficiency of the packaging process. 

We can manufacture a mold insert and produce samples for approval before the final tooling production. We create new designs that are specifically tailored to your needs and show you a 3D design of the mold insert before production. Once the design is approved, we proceed with the production of the mold insert and produce samples for your review and approval. This process ensures that the final packaging solution meets your specifications and is delivered to you in a timely manner. Our goal is to provide you with a customized packaging solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


Forming inserts
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Your new packaging tray

We offer pack inserts for your thermoforming packaging machine and are able to develop customized solutions for you. In addition, we can design forming inserts with short delivery times for your sample packaging and CNC mill them. With our range of sample mold inserts, you can quickly and easily test your packaging machine and optimize your production.

Our company specializes in the development and manufacturing of thermoforming tools. We produce the molds comprehensively or, if requested, only trimming tools (forging, strip), form inserts, cutting stations, and stacking stations. We use state-of-the-art Haas CNC machine tools and specialized CAD/CAM software of the latest generation to deliver a high-quality product to you quickly. They are compatible to OEM spec.

A wide range of forming inserts is available

We offer our customers a wide range of forming inserts and are able to create customized solutions for their packaging needs.

No matter if you are looking for a new thermoformed packaging style, we work with you to develop ideas and present you with a 3D design of the proposed packaging tray for approval before production.

Our packaging inserts work with a vacuum thermoforming machine,where a plastic film is heated to soften it, then pulled into a mold cavity by suction. Once the plastic comes into contact with the mold surface, it cools down and becomes hard.

The forming insert for sliced ham shown here is just one example of the many semi-rigid packaging styles we have produced in recent years.

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Order now a high-quality forming inserts at an unbeatable price-performance ratio and benefit from our customized solutions!

Do you need spare or new die parts for your tray sealers or thermoforming packaging machine? Or do you want to change your packaging format? Let us know and we will take care of everything.