3D skin thermoformer

3D skin thermoformer

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3D skin thermoformer

With 3D forming tools, special shapes and contours can be embossed into the rigid bottom film or preformed tray to perfectly adapt the packaging to the product. This ensures that the contents of the package are securely and tightly enclosed, resulting in extended shelf life and increased product safety. 3D forming tools are an essential component of the manufacturing process for high-quality vacuum skin packaging, which is widely used in the food industry. Our forming tools are used in thermoforming packaging machines. They are compatible with Multivac, Variovac, Sealpac Our replacement parts are of high quality and can be used for a variety of applications, including vacuum skin packaging like on Multivac R175.

Vacuum skin packaging (VSP)

Vacuum skin packaging (VSP) is a popular packaging technique in the food industry for preserving and protecting food products. VSP is a form of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) where the product is vacuum-sealed in a special film that tightly wraps around it like a second skin, providing superior protection and preservation. 3D skin thermoformer The vacuum skin pack is then sealed with an easy-opening feature for convenient access. VSP has several advantages over other packaging methods. It preserves the integrity of the product while tightly enclosing it. This means that delicate products are not compromised by the packaging, and products with sharp or hard edges (such as meat with bones) can be safely packaged.

Furthermore, VSP preserves the shape, texture, and product integrity of the food, providing a high-quality presentation in retail. As the contents are sealed in a vacuum, it prevents the growth of bacteria, yeast, and molds that cause spoilage and can pose a health risk.

In summary, vacuum skin packaging is an excellent option for preserving and protecting food products. The benefits include maintaining product integrity, providing a premium retail presentation, extending shelf life, and increasing product safety. The packaging is done using a thermoforming machine machine such as Multivac R175, with the assistance of a 3D forming tool..

3D forming tools - where are they used?

3D Formwerkzeuge werden für hochwertige Vakuum-Skin-Packungen Tiefziehverpackungsmaschinen und Thermoformmaschinen wie Multivac R175 benutzt. Wir bieten Ihnen ein Komplettpaket aus Überholung und Reparatur der 3D Formwerkzeugen. Wie die Erneuerung der Teflonbeschichtung, das Austauschen von Heizstäben, Thermofühlern und Rohrheizkörpern. Wir bieten Kontur- und Oberflächen-Nachbearbeitung für Ihre Siegelwerkzeuge. Wir schweißen Beschädigungen auf und arbeiten diese nach. Eine präzise Nachbearbeitung ist unerlässlich für hochwertige Versiegeln. Außerdem überholen wir Kniehebel-Querstanzen und Streifenstanzen. Es ist beim Versiegeln entscheidend, die Schale vollständig zu schließen. It is crucial to fully close the tray during sealing to ensure the quality and safety of the packaged product.